Wolfgang Puck Rapid Pressure Cooker Automatic 5 Quart Factory Refurbished (re-boxed new units) for $34.99 @ eBay (ships free)

By | May 20, 2017 2:18 pm EST

I posted a deal on a 6.5 qt stainless steel pressure cooker . This is a great deal for only at $29.99. But, many users started talking about electric pressure cookers. I personally prefer regular ones, but apparently people like electric ones, so I looked around for a deal for those of you that like electric ones. And, I found this deal. Even though it says factory refurbished, in the description, it says, " These are new/unused items that have been re-boxed. Items are Grade: A- Condition (Factory Seconds)." So, it looks like this is more of an open-boxed item. Have at it if you like electric units.
Ships free

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