Humble Bundle – Micro Jumble Bundle – Steam keys for $1 or BTA (around $3) – Geometry Dash, Who’s Your Daddy, etc.

By | August 8, 2017 7:19 pm EST

Humble Bundle: Micro Jumble Bundle
Games redeem on Steam. BTA has been hovering around $2.96 to $3.
Note: You can get Space Pilgram Episode 1 and Pony Island for free. Enter your email into text box. You don’t have to subscribe to the newsletter. Note: Neither game is very good.
- Geometry Dash
- Pony Island
- Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator
- Space Pilgrim: Episodes 1-4
- Who’s Your Daddy
- Town of Salem
- Hack_Me
- Hack_Me 2
- Devil Daggers
- Oh… Sir! The Hollywood Roast
My personal opinions. Most of these are pretty mediocre games, but Geometry Dash and Who’s Your Daddy might be worthwhile.
Anyone know if you can play Who’s Your Daddy in local split screen or do you have to have 2 separate PCs and Steam accounts?

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