XCHANGE music software bundles on sale at $50 off plus free Alesis Vmini 25-Key Portable Keyboard usb midi controller.

By | August 9, 2017 10:40 pm EST

A nice little deal for OSX software for music creators who might like a cheap controller to get started or for travel…
A few $150 bundles that cater to music creators are on sale for $99 such as the..
XCHANGE Virtual Instrument Collection with Arturia, Cakewalk, D16 Group, Ohm Force, Steven Slate, Sugar Bytes, and UVI ( here )
XCHANGE Producer Collection with Presonus, Cakewalk, IK Multimedia, Image Line, Loop Loft, Ohm Force, and Sonnox ( here )
XCHANGE Recording Collection with PreSonus, Antares, Celemony, Blue Cat Audio, Ohm Force, and Magix ( here )
Free with software bundle purchase until 9/6/2017
Alesis Vmini 25 key Portable Controller
Product rep video
All bundles on sale with free Vmini included ( here)
This is not a deal everyone will care about but if you want to make some music with computer software there are some deals to be had right now. Be warned. Reviews show redeeming the software in these bundles is cumbersome but there is a lot here for not much money when you compare what some of portions of this bundle would cost by themselves. When you factor in the free Alesis V mini 25 key controller it’s a pretty cool deal if you are like me and buy stuff like this.
I feel like this deal is good for a beginner or an ambitious and bright child or teen wanting to make music without having anyone invest too much. OSX only.
Compatibility Notice: OS X 10.11 El Capitan (release date 9/30/15)
UPDATE: It appears to work with Windows as well according to MF tech support I spoke with.

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