SDG&E Customers get $10,000 off BMW i3 or Nissan Leaf

By | August 13, 2017 6:40 pm EST

Here is where I saw the original post.…tomers/?
May be a good discussion post. Even thought about buying it and selling the car in a year for some good profit.
Example on a Leaf:
MSRP – $33800
5% Dealer Discount – $32,110
Incentives from Nissan (-$4k) = $28,110
SDG&E Discount (-$10k) = $19,110
State and Federal Tax Credit (-$10k) – $9,110 after rebate(s) factored in
Another Post on the forum
TrueCar lists the base model at 31.5k with an instant savings off MSRP of $6,216 leaving the total at 25,300 before incentives.
If that’s correct, then with the discounts that OP listed (4k incentives, 10k SDG&E, 10K State and Fed Credit) would leave the total at 1,300 + tax and license. This is just the lowest end base model, but a brand new car for 1,300 seems kind of insane to me.…-customers

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