Microlab T6 & T8 Wireless Designer Desktop Speakers $60 (AKA Jamo DS-6 & DS-5 @ $200+)

By | January 21, 2018 9:57 am EST

If you are looking for distinctive looking Bluetooth desktop speakers here is an unusual deal. Sorry for the long story below but it is relevant I think.
The Long Story:
Microlab is a Chinese brand that has manufactured OEM speakers for themselves and more famous brands for many years.
In 2016 they released 2 high-end designer focused Bluetooth Models for stationary indoor use (no batteries, AC only). Very bright colors, well constructed, and with looks you either love or hate. They originally sold around the world for more than $200.
Last year Jamo (a Klipsch Owned Company) bought the marketing rights to these models and has just released them in the US for $250 and $300.
Just The Deal:
Joeymstr on eBay is selling both models under the original Microlab name for $60 shipped.

Microlab T6 with FM radio and Clock (same as Jamo DS-6 $299 on Amazon & Crutchfield) for $60 on eBay. and
Microlab T8 dual desktop speakers (Same as Jamo DS-5 $249 ) for $60 on eBay.

I got both models, they both look great (to me, others will think they are ugly) & are very well built. They both come with a wireless remote that is necessary to change functions. Both sound great for $60-$100 but not for $200+ I think. Both have AUX-In 3.5mm jacks and NFC. On the T6 the base stand is magnetic and just pulls off if you want to use them without it. The clock on the T6 is 24H readout only (no AM/PM).
I got both models because I owned other Microlabs that were good and have an unhealthy obsession with deals on strange electronics. I have no affiliation or interest in Microlab or the ebay seller. Unusual speakers for sure.

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