Nintendo Switch Console with Gray Controllers (Customer Returns) $234.74

By | January 24, 2018 6:48 pm EST

Back in stock, $7 cheaper than the
$312.99 – 25% code NEWSJAN25 = $234.74
Blinq claims:
Factory Refurbished
Item looks and feels new
Special refurbished packaging
Nintendo Switch 32GB Console with Gray Joy-cons, even though it says factory refurbished, these are actually customer returns according to most people who ordered in previous deals. I ordered that said the same exact thing, my tracking was from BBY.COM/OPTORO, and I received a like new unit, in original packaging.
Mine arrived with firmware 3.0.2, so no luck for those looking to homebrew. My guess is these are all Christmas returns, where 3.0.2 is what the factory had put on it.
The warranty situation is unknown ( ), but Blinq offers a 30 day money back guarantee. People claim paying $65 more for a warranty is better, but the last thread had people biting on the deal even after it had jumped up to $267…aa/1352650

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