Sony 65″ 850E $989 // 900E $1,170 // 930E $1,350 TV – Nebraska Furniture Mart – Ends soon!

By | January 26, 2018 1:29 pm EST

I do not have a picture of the receipt or invoice as proof yet because I placed the order over the phone last night and was told the invoice would be mailed to me soon.
NFM of Dallas Texas (The Colony) has a additional 10% OFF discount that ends JANUARY 30TH. The 900E and 930E is not listed online so you have to call in to the TV sales department and speak to a representative. When they ask for a SKU number, tell them you don’t have the SKU number but you have the Sony Model number and they will look it up and let you know if they have any in stock.
I called last night 30 minutes before store closing and asked about the 65X930E and was told there was 0 in stock and only 1 on display. A new shipment was expected at the end of this month. I asked the lady on the phone for the price and she told me $1498. I asked her if the additional 10% off discount could be applied to this TV. She put me on hold for 2 minutes than returned saying this TV was eligible for the additional 10% off.
I went ahead and placed a order over the phone. I was told expected delivery day will be Friday, February 2nd. Grand total with shipping for the 65" X930E is $1460.39. She offered 2, 3 and 4 year extended warranty plans to which I decided to opt-out of.
I was told upon delivery they will unbox the TV and plug it up to ensure it works. I never ordered a TV before and did not know some places do this.
These are the prices for all 65" models AFTER the additional 10% off discount. Shipping was free. 8.25% sales tax applies.
X850E – SKU # 48895908 – $989 –
X900E – $1,170
X930E – SKU # 48734065 – $1,350
Both the TV "SALE" price and additional "10% OFF" discount ENDS JANUARY 30TH.
Shipping was free for me (1 hour away from NFM)
Price breakdown of my order
Sony 65 XBR930E – $1,498.99
10% off discount – $1,349.09
8.25% TX Sales Tax – $111.29
Grand Total = $1,460.39

I just called NFM again with my confirmation number and was able to get more information for you guys. Updates are in bold and underlined

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