YMMV – Costco Members – Same day flower/dessert/wine delivery for around $35+, on Valentine’s.

By | January 31, 2018 12:41 pm EST

For those of us with Costco memberships that are also within Same Day delivery of a Costco, you can get their flowers and a dessert/wine/toilet paper/whatever delivered with a minimum purchase of 35$.
I understand that it wont be in any sort of romantic packaging but it’s still a great deal on flower delivery.
So for $39.27. I’m getting two dozen roses, strawberries, and a dessert delivered to my wife on Valentine’s.
You can’t place the order until 5 days in advance.
Thought it might be helpful to some.
EDIT: Also, I understand that this isn’t exactly a "deal" but its a great price on a service most people pay too much for.

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