Into The Breach (PC) + FTL PCDD $15 @ Humble Store

By | February 28, 2018 11:25 am EST

Humble Store is offering newly released Into The Breach for $15
With the purchase of Into The Breach (out for PC now, Mac, SteamOS later), you also get a steam key for Subset Games previous game FTL (Faster Than Light)
Humble Monthly subscribers get 10% off. If you’ve taken advantage of the , this might be a good opportunity to use the bonus certificate.
Kotaku says : "Here’s the premise: You, controlling a gang of three time-traveling mech pilots, must defend a cluster of islands from alien invaders. To do so, you embark upon a series of small turn-based battles, on randomly generated 8×8 grids full of aliens and obstacles. Your goals will vary from mission to mission, but your main task is always the same: Protect the buildings." Full review , ARS Technica Review
Link to Into The Breach at Humble Store
As junkthemagicdragon noted, also has the Into The Breach + FTL combo for $14.99, DRM free

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