$1 or FREE Online Vision Test & Doctor Signed Eye Prescription renewal from OnlineVisionTest.com

By | June 14, 2018 6:24 pm EST

Get a real signed eyeglass or contact lens (or both) prescription renewal from OnlineVisionTest.com by purchasing the $1 Groupon here: https://www.groupon.com/deals/n-o…ision-test
Or, get the OVT voucher free from OptiContacts here: https://opticontacts.com/onlinevisiontest
Use coupon OVT2018-OPTI to get it for FREE.
-Must redeem voucher and complete test by June 18th
-Requires a smartphone (acts as remote) and computer
-Enter your old prescription
-If you don’t know your prescription, it still works to issue a totally new prescription from scratch up to-3.00. To manage this, select no prescription or 0.00, and when it asks you to wear your glasses during the test, just don’t wear them.
-Or call your doctor to get your old Rx, or ask OVT to call your doctor for you. Call 1-844-OVT-2020
-For contacts, you must enter your old prescription and brand of lens
-See eligibility details at onlinevisiontest.com for more detail
-Value $39.99.

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