– Capresso Die-Cast Zinc Housing Conical Burr Grinder model 565.04 $89.99

By | October 16, 2018 5:41 pm EST

I’ve been looking for a "good enough" coffee grinder, and this one is a superior version of the $91 budget pick on The Wirecutter.…e-grinder/
The 565.04 (brushed chrome) and 565.05 (stainless) units have a "Heavy Duty Zinc Die Cast Housing" while the 560 (black) has a "Sturdy ABS Housing"; this is apparently the 3lb difference in the units. They both have the same dimensions at 10.5"x7.75"x5" according to Capresso’s comparison chart. Apparently the 565 is also quieter than the 560, which is probably also due to the heavier housing muffling the sound more.
The negative reviews typically involve the ABS models, leading me to believe the Zinc models are underrated. This is the 565.04 model. Amazon has the 565.05 model for $109.00.…78793.html

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