HiFiMan Sundara Planar Magnetic Headphones $250 + shipping. Limited Stock.

By | October 16, 2018 6:23 pm EST

You need to email or call in order to purchase.
The Source AV is liquidating their HiFiMan stock at 50% off and have limited quantity. The HiFiMan Sundara is pretty much universally praised for its sound quality. Search any reviews. Rtings rated it as their 3rd/4th best headphone ever reviewed for critical listening sound quality, and is a fraction in price of all the others in this range . Normally $500.
Source: sponsored post on Head-Fi . If this isn’t allowed, remove this post
The Source AV is a local audiophile store that also ships products. They have good reviews online . Does not include shipping.

Quote :

The Source AV is blowing out our HiFiMAN at big discounts! Half off retail!
H?E?-?1?0?0?0? ?V?2? Gone!
E?d?i?t?i?o?n? ?X? ?V?2? Gone!
Sundara MSRP $500, now $250!

few hours ago:

Quote :

Just a small number of Sundara left!

And I’ll add the usual warning for HiFiMan products QC.

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