Swagbucks: Hulu Sign Up + 2500 SB ($25+ Amazon.com Gift Card) for $5.99

By | October 26, 2018 9:13 pm EST

This deal’s been on Swagbucks forever, but not usually at this high of a payout & this low of a Hulu cost (normally $7.99). If you haven’t done it yet, snag it while it’s hot.
Also may be able to combine w/ this AmEx offer:
P.s. please spare this thread your story of that one time your Swagbucks deal didn’t track. We get it. Take screenshots to confirm your purchase. This one worked instantly for me and I had already done the deal a few years ago I think. If SB doesn’t show in your account after 48 hrs, email their customer support and reply to their auto reply emails with proof of purchase in order to get credit.
Good luck

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