$50 Penzeys Spices Gift Card for $35 12/6/18 only

By | December 6, 2018 2:07 pm EST

My hope is that 2018 has overall been a pretty good year for you. But if only from watching the news, I know that many of you know many who have faced disasters this year. Some disasters are big, some are small. Some disasters are very personal, some are international. All are disasters. All need healing. And that’s just what cooking does. Cooks Heal the world.
To help set that process in motion, today and tomorrow we are offering our $50 Penzeys Gift Cards for just $35. Here’s your chance to give an even bigger hug to whoever it is in your life who has faced some tough moments this year. Maybe that person is you. This offer is for everyone.
And to encourage you to pop your heads into one of our stores, we are giving away a flat-out free, $3.69 value 1/4 cup of Penzeys Cinnamon. No purchase is needed. Online at penzeys.com, they are still free but the standard shipping options apply. Just enter 43537C in the apply code at checkout. No need to place the Cinnamon in your basket, the code will do that for you automatically, and for free.
Sign up for their emails and they occasionally send coupons for free spices.

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