Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Compact Site Light with Free M18 3.0Ah Battery – Home Depot; $149 + tax

By | April 25, 2019 10:34 am EST

The Milwaukee M18 Radius Compact LED Light is available at HD now for $149 plus tax with a free M18 3.0Ah XC battery:…lsrc=aw.ds
Been looking at tons of reviews for M18 or M12 LED lights since Milwaukee has really been upping up its game with the M12 and M18 equipment line in regards to lighting products.
I searched SD and haven’t noticed any deals recently on the newer compact version of the Milwaukee M18 Radius Flood light. This is a good deal if you’re in need a smaller M18 battery. These smaller M18 3Ah XC batteries are nice and lightweight and good to have for the smaller M18 tools (like multi-tool and their compact driver/impact drills). The battery alone has a MSRP of $100.
The LED light has both 360 degree lighting and spot "flood light." Compared to its bigger brother, its more compact and has less lumens but still throws out a lot of light. I have the M12 Rover LED light which is okay, but doesn’t throw out the amount of lumens that I’d like. This will definitely light up a garage and or the underneath of a car with ease and has an impressive working time with the smaller M18 batteries.
Nice video review on this here:

What’s impressive about the video above is the video blogger totally tries to trash the light by chucking it over and over again onto a cement floor and it keeps working. Very impressed with its durability. The LED lights also come with a lifetime warranty.
HD is an authorized dealer so you will be able to get a full warranty if you purchase from them. I haven’t seen any deals on SD for this model.
The HD website indicates this deal ends tomorrow.

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