Visible Wireless: $408 Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB and $200 Prepaid Card after 2 month service

By | June 14, 2019 1:56 pm EST

Net cost after 2 month service is $271.
Model of Phone: SM-G960UZKAVZW
Color: Only Midnight Black is available as of June 14th.
Compatible and Unlocked out of box for all US Carriers : GSM and CDMA
Wireless service: Unlimited Talk + Text + Data (5Mbps capped) on Verizon network. It is VoLTE only service with Wifi Calling option.
Steps to buy are as below:
1) Signup for Visible with a referral code from your friend so that your first month service fee is $20 instead of $40. Monthly service fee is not charged until SIM activation.
2) Pay $408 for device while ordering. ***Important ***: Requires Phone number porting information submission while ordering to be eligible for the offer. If u do not have a number to port then you can get a number from Google Voice and unlock it for $3. See link:
3) Get order with free 1 day shipping from Verizon.
4) Activate phone with SIM and pay for first month service, which is $20
5) Pay for second month service which is $40
6) On day 42-45 you will get email from Blackhawk with redemption code for $200 Prepaid Virtual Mastercard which you can use for on-line stores or to buy e-gift certificates for Walmart , amazon, fuel cards, etc.
Cost breakdown :
+$408 for device and sales tax
+$3 if you need to get Unlocked Google Voice number
+$20 for first month of service
+$40 for second month of service
-$200 for Prepaid Virtual Mastercard
Many of my relatives who got their Mastercard in 45 days from activation. This is a Verizon wireless subsidiary and fulfillment is risk free unless you do not follow terms and conditions of this offer –…disclosure

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