Office Depot clearance – travel accessories pillow blanket compression socks earplugs ymmv

By | June 16, 2019 6:46 pm EST

Stopped at OD and saw these – looked like just marked down. Grabbed some. Will help the family with some upcoming travel.
Good luck – links below.
Lewis N Clark Travel set including blanket, blow up pillow mask and earplugs ($6 was $23)
Item #5929364…ku=5929364
Bewell collection Compression socks ($2 was $10)
Item # 2719051…ku=2719051
Cabeau evolution classic Memory foam travel neck pillow – quality ($8 was $30)
Item # 3822452…ku=3822452
Bewell collection pressure reducing Ear plugs ($2 was $8.50)
Item #4363261…ku=4363261

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