12 Count Charmin Essentials Giant Rolls Bath Tissue: Soft or Strong – 36 Rolls for 8.73 + tax Free Store Pickup $8.73

By | June 18, 2019 11:24 am EST

Last deal on this brand and type of toilet paper was for 16 count for $5.19 each. Someone who ordered enough and used a coupon got it down to $4.32 each for 6 packs. $4.32/16 = 0.27 a roll.
This Walgreens deal is $8.73 + tax for 36 rolls. 8.73/36 = 0.2425
It appears after 3 items, it will deduct $1 for every additional you add. If you add 5 the clipped coupon will discount $5, If you add 7 the clipped coupon will discount $7. Does not have to be multiples of 3
Must buy 3 and have the coupon clipped.
Free store pickup where and when available.
Add Coupon code SAVE20PG
Charmin Essentials Soft Bath Tissue 2 ply
Charmin Essentials Strong Giant Rolls 1 ply
These are the clipped coupons and coupon codes you should see.
Your savings details
Sale prices: $6.00
Promos/coupons: $6.24
$2.99 SAVE20PG
$3.00 Multi-Brand
$0.25 Charmin
Order Summary
Item(s): $14.97
Promotions/Coupons: -$6.24
Also bounty essentials is discounted to 4.99 before clipping the same coupons. Im not sure if this is a good deal or not
Bounty Essentials Select-A-Size Paper Towels Big Rolls White 83 sheet x 6 pack 2 ply

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