$350 Target GC with the purchase of Verizon iPhone XS Gold 64GB (upgrade eligible as well) $999

By | June 20, 2019 6:26 am EST

This Target promotion has been around for a week or so but I haven’t seen any thread on it (it was buried in the posts of a relevant thread that was marked expired a few days ago). So I thought I would share in case someone is interested.
It is available both for New line and Upgrade. You will get a $350 Target GC (which is like cash for me). Please note that it is only for the Gold color.
My personal story with this deal: I wanted to create a new account at Target to use this promotion. My application was declined. So instead, I went to a Verizon store, created an account with a dummy phone (basically they just handed me the Sim card). Went back to Target, upgraded my Verizon device to iPhone XS 64GB Gold and got the $350 GC. Yes, you get charged twice for the $40 activation fee, but I just did a chat with Verizon and they waived one of the $40 fees.
Expiration: it was supposed to end last Saturday, but is still going with the fine print saying it would be active until Saturday. Who know which Saturday!

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