NEW VW – $10,000 car after rebates – 2019 Volkswagen eGolf electric car ( 125 mile EPA range) YMMV

By | June 21, 2019 5:27 am EST

I have been driving a 2016 egolf for 3 years now, and really have come to love this vehicle as a commuter or 2nd car. The cost of electricity is much lower than gas. If you have solar, it is literally costs $.25 cents to drive 30 miles vs, 1 gallon of gas $3.75 ( so cal). Driving on California sunshine sure beats dinosaur juice. Anyways, here is the deal:
(This is available at many bay area(hanlees, oakland, serramonte, others) and Oregon dealerships) not sure if your local dealership will honor this pricing. You must finance with vw credit, but can pay off without any penalty.
Make sure you get a car with the Drivers Assistance package all cars with msrp $33,475 have it.
$33,475.00 MSRP
$23,500.00 Negotiated price ($10,000 off)
-$7,500.00 Fed Rebate
-$2,500.00 CA State Rebate (other states higher or lower)
-$2,500.00 Employer Rebate (YMMV, this varies tremendously)
-$500.00 Utility Rebate (locality specific)
$0.00 College Grad (another $500 if you have graduated or will soon)
-$500.00 Partner Cert (if your employer is a partner)
$0.00 Military discount ($500)
$10,000.00 total
$412.00 fees (dmv, registration)
$1,770.00 tax
$12,182.00 total
These are great cars, all made in Germany
If you drive 15,000 miles a year, you will save about $2000 in gas yearly. In 5 years this cars becomes almost free, as there is very little maintenance as well.
Partner Program – If your employer is not a partner, you can become a member of the SCCA (no cost) – here is how:…membership
Car review – 2017 is similar to 2019…/overview/

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