TMobile BOGO with new line S10 512gb $899 FOR 2 PHONES

By | June 28, 2019 8:46 am EST

Did a search and didnt see anyone post about this awesome deal that just got sweeter with the 512GB version thats the same price as the 128GB version!!
Just got off the phone with a tmobile rep.
As usual this happens every year with the Samsung phones with a BOGO.
Just exporing the site and realized the S10 128gb version AND the 512gb version is the same price.
I added 2 lines to take advantage of the 512GB version of the S10.
I have tmobile one so each line will be $25 bucks – $5 for auto pay, net cost is $20 for unlimited text/data/calls. You will see the phone cost as bill credits for 24 months.
You will be required to pay taxes on the full amount for each phone of the retail price of $899 up front. They also charge you for the sim card, be nice to the CSR they may credit you the full cost of the sim card kit like they did for me. You have 14 days to port the number over or get new phone numbers.
I also got a 3rd line, to take advantage of the free Iphone XR($749)
Yes you can Double dip, third line i am using a prepaid number to port in to get around promo limitations. It requires a port in number.
CSR said deal ends at the end of the month! June 30th.…0214660022

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