3 Philips Hue A19 smart LED white bulbs for $29.99

By | June 28, 2019 3:41 pm EST

Didn’t see it anywhere else.
I’v been using SD for years but always come later than those great people who share deals right away. Appreciated!
Comment: Not the lowest price I’v ever seen, but still a good price. Especially for those who can’t wait! (Trust me I was building myself smarthome year ago I know how it feels when you really want something but no deal for it, haha!)
Link here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/offe…0867551293
One more comment: Didn’t come with a hue bridge (which is a must, bruh~), so you might as well need to get one elsewhere. Bulb+bridge can set up the most basic control over the phone app. If you want more, you can add google/amazon voice input; if you want even more, then you add hub (brain), I’m using smartthings hub, you can choose whichever you want.
Add-on: Here I’m providing my personal pull the trigger price for the various hue bulbs
a19 ambiance: ~$15/each
a19/br30 white and color: $33/each (I’v got them once) (notice it has to be 3rd gen)
lightstrip indoor: $64/each
occasionally you can find lower prices at certain stores (say bbb clearance), but it’s hard to say if you will be able to see/get one during a reasonable time period

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