PSA: T-Mobile offers 50% off new iPhone 11/Pro with trade in (current customers, no addtl line required)

By | September 12, 2019 10:37 am EST

John Legere just tweeted this. The details are still not fully available yet, however from CNET:
With the new iPhones set to go on preorder Friday, the usual "buy one, get one" deals are starting to pop up from carriers and retailers. These deals are nothing new, offering hefty discounts if you’re willing to switch providers or add a new line to your wireless account. While this is good for people thinking of switching, it never helps those who have the lines they need and are just looking to upgrade their phone.
As it has in recent years, T-Mobile is doing something different, offering potential savings of 50% or more to current customers who trade in their iPhone and get a new one from the carrier on its 24-month installment plan.
While the exact values for each phone aren’t yet known, T-Mobile says you can trade in an iPhone 7 and get half off the $699 iPhone 11. Trade in an iPhone XS Max and get half off the $1,099 iPhone 11 Pro Max.
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