Epix comes free with Charter Spectrum Internet subscription

By | September 14, 2019 1:07 pm EST

Charter Spectrum doesn’t advertise this, but if you subscribe to their Internet, whether or not you have any kind of tv package, you get Epix streaming for free. This has been available for awhile; lots of people probably have no idea they have it. You can access the Epix website and apps on devices like Roku using your Charter Spectrum login.
If you have Internet through them, go to Epix and click the Log In button in the top right. A popup asks "How would you like to watch?" Select the option on the right, which is:
TV or Digital Provider
Included with your existing subscription.

Click login, it will ask you to select your provider, which is listed as Spectrum. It takes you to the Spectrum site, where you login with the email and pass you always use with your Spectrum account. You can also add the app to Roku (or whatever device you use) and activate it on your computer the same way.
I found this out when I cut the cord earlier this week. No one at Charter mentioned I would still get Epix even though I was cancelling a cable plan that included all the movie channels. You’d think they’d mention I got to keep one free with my Internet service, but nope.
The only thing we watch on Epix is Get Shorty, which we love. A new season starts soon, so I was looking around for deals on Epix when I discovered a few sites talking about how Epix was free with Internet on Charter Spectrum (now called just Spectrum). So I logged in, and yep, it still works. My other premium channel logins no longer worked, as expected.
What to Watch on Epix

TBH, there isn’t much. But:
Get Shorty stars Chris O’Dowd & Ray Romano and is great.
Some new shows look promising:
Perpetual Grace LTD
Punk docuseries
Also, if you like football, they have NFL: The Grind
And of course movies. The selection isn’t awesome, but you’re bound to find something you’d want to watch.

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