Atari Flashback Classic (Nintendo Switch $19.97)

By | September 19, 2019 8:15 am EST…&gclsrc=ds
Equivalent to atari flashback Volume 1-3 on PS4 and Xbox. But on one cartridge for switch. 150 games. They were released December 2018. Poor marketing as usual from Atari. Likely will be a sought after item in a decade. If u r lucky it will be near your location. "New" from gamestop.. which means their employees opened and played it but otherwise at $20 its 46% less than MSRP. Games i actually play are bowling, realsports tennis, pong, pretty much sports. Retro blocky but simple to play with casuals or young kids age 5-8. Otherwise dont expect much. Games simple enough to play with non-gamers. Good 2-players. Also for those with nostalgia.
150 games list:…do-switch/

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