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By | September 24, 2019 11:57 am EST

I know there are a bazillion threads out there for sorting etc… amazon warehouse deals. I have been down most of them, but am still searching for an elusive "sort all items" by price type of link, regardless of department.
I was messing around this morning with a few of their big list pages, that force you to select a department to sort by. I was able to add the sort string to the end of the URL, and was returned a sorted list!
The first link only has 150 pages, so I must have hit some limit, and the other link only had 13 pages. You will wade through a TON of crap, but I did find a few random items before giving up.
Anyways, I KNOW there is a dedicated amazon warehouse thread. I am just sharing this for people (like myself) who love browsing through the warehouse, and would like a giant list of their cheapest items.
Link #1 (150 pages)
Link #2 (13 pages)

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