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By | September 25, 2019 5:07 pm EST

Cloudflare has finally released their much anticipated WARP and WARP Plus to the public which was originally announced back in April 2019.
The blog post is lengthy so here are some useful snippets:
"Before today, there were approximately two million people on the waitlist to try WARP … For people just signing up today, the basic WARP service is free without bandwidth caps or limitations. The unlimited version of WARP Plus is available for a monthly subscription fee" ($4.99/month)
"From a technical perspective, WARP is a VPN. But it is designed for a very different audience than a traditional VPN. WARP is not designed to allow you to access geo-restricted content when you’re traveling. It will not hide your IP address from the websites you visit. If you’re looking for that kind of high-security protection then a traditional VPN or a service like Tor are likely better choices for you."
"WARP, instead, is built for the average consumer. It’s built to ensure that your data is secured while it’s in transit. So the networks between you and the applications you’re using can’t spy on you. It will help protect you from people sniffing your data while you’re at a local coffee shop. It will also help ensure that your ISP isn’t hoovering up data on your browsing patterns to sell to advertisers."
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Full blog post below…warp-plus/
Additional Review:…-for-free/
"Cloudflare says that WARP is designed to secure the average user’s data while browsing the web, unlike a traditional virtual private network (VPN) which would also hide your IP address.
WARP functions more like a transparent proxy that sends all your connections through a server designed to redirect all your Internet requests without actually altering them in any way.
However, this is not true in all cases since, as explained by Cloudflare’s Zack Bloom, the IP addresses of WARP users will only be exposed to sites that also use Cloudflare. In all other cases, the users’ real IP addresses will be hidden, with the visited sites seeing an IP from one of Cloudflare’s address ranges."
"WARP comes with the same privacy protections that come with Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver:

  • We don’t write user-identifiable log data to disk;
  • We will never sell your browsing data or use it in any way to target you with advertising data;
  • Don’t need to provide any personal information — not your name, phone number, or email address — in order to use WARP or WARP Plus; and
  • We will regularly work with outside auditors to ensure we’re living up to these promises."
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