YMMV: Clearance Xbox One, PS4, and Switch games @ B&M Walmart. Control XBox One: $10, Rare Replay XBox One $11

By | September 2, 2020 12:00 pm EST

I was at the Walmart in Houston on South Rice and went to the Clearance section and saw a bunch of new-ish video games (in protective plastic cases) in a box. Usually the video games are behind the glass in the Electronics/Video Games section. There were maybe 30-40 games. There were multiple copies of Control for Xbox One and PS4. I heard decent things about this game so I thought I’d pick it up. They didn’t have the yellow clearance price sticker on them (many of the games didn’t), and I was going to bail on it if it was more than $20 bucks. Was surprised it rang up for $10 and Rare Replay rang up for $11!
Check the SKUs to verify:

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