Target Pixel Bud 2 Refund Even if the 30 day return period has passed – Watch For Announcement from Best Buy and Walmart As Well

By | September 7, 2020 10:22 pm EST

Hey guys,
I hope this news would find you in a good mood. For any dissatisfied Bud 2′s owners, Target has come to your rescue . I hope Google, Best Buy and Walmart will soon follow suit.
Hundreds of users have been complaining about connectivity problems in their Pixel Buds since they launched in May. The main issue appears to be intermittent audio drop outs, with the Pixel Buds struggling to maintain a connection in certain scenarios. I exclusively reported that Google planned to roll out a major feature update, alongside a fix for the audio problems, in July.

For those that waited for the fix and still had issues, some missed the opportunity to return their buds within the 30 day time limit. Target is now offering refunds for Pixel Bud owners who bought from its store and are still experiencing problems, despite the refund period expiring.
For owners who bought the earbuds elsewhere, Google tells me its support team is treating each complaint on a case-by-case basis. I’m yet to hear back from Best Buy and Walmart.

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