Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″ 128GB/6GB Ram Mountain Gray (25% cashback w/ Prime credit card) $499.99

By | October 12, 2020 6:56 pm EST…UTF8&psc=1
Samsung Tab S6 128gb/6gb ram on sale for $499.99 and you get 25% total cashback with an Amazon Prime credit card, bringing the price down to $375.
256gb/8gb ram version is also on sale for $550 with the same 25% cashback, $412.50.
Compared to the Tab S6 Lite for $279 ($265 w/ standard 5% CB) deal, the S6 is a lot better for media consumption because of quad speakers and OLED screen. Also has a better processor, higher resolution, 2/4gb more ram, USB 3.1, and Samsung Dex. The USB 3.1 is MUCH faster for transferring movies compared to the USB 2.0 on the S6 Lite. It took a mere 10 seconds to copy over Blade Runner 2049 blu-ray over USB 3.1 and a whole 1 minute 20 seconds over USB 2.0.
I canceled my Tab S6 Lite order that was going to be delivered today to get the S6 instead.

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