18-Pack 12-oz Bubly Sparkling Water (Grapefruit and Mango) As low as $4.53

By | October 14, 2020 1:45 pm EST

Amazon.com has 18 packs of Bubly seltzer on sale with an added coupon. The flavors that have coupons are Mango (1.06) and Grapefruit (1.17). These items are also eligible for subscribe and save discounts.
Grapefruit 5% S/S $6.71-1.17-S/S=5.20
15% S/S $6.71-1.17-S/S=4.53
Mango 5% S/S 6.59-1.06-S/S=5.20
15% S/A 6.59-1.06-S/S=4.54

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