Humble Indie Mega Week Highlights (Psychonauts $2.49; Guacamelee! 2 $4.99; Salt and Sanctuary $4.49)

By | October 17, 2020 10:48 am EST

Some highlights from the Humble Indie Mega Week 20 Bundle:

  • Broforce – $3.74 – Humorous run n gun that became so popular the devs rented an island for a while. DRM Free included.
  • The Messenger – $3.99 – Great platformer with a neat jumping mechanic and time travel.
  • Hotline Miami – $2.49 – Ultraviolent arcade action game. Kinda also a puzzle game imo. DRM Free included.
  • Never Alone – $2.99 – Puzzle platformer with a focus on story of Alaskan Native people. Nice local co-op.
  • Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons – $3.74 – This made a bunch of waves back in the day. Narrative heavy puzzle adventure game played with both analogue sticks controlling the characters separately.
  • Inside – $7.99 – 2D puzzle adventure game. The followup to Limbo. This was my favorite game of 2016. Strikes the puzzling/platforming balance better than Limbo and the atmosphere is amazing.
  • Salt and Sanctuary – $4.49 – 2D Souls-like. Very difficult, but this is probably my favorite Souls-like game.
  • Guacamelee! 2 – $4.99 – Sequel to Guacamelee!, so if you liked that, this is more of it. There’s a grappling mechanic and the later platforming sections are quite challenging iirc.
  • Psychonauts – $2.49 – The classic 3D platformer from DoubleFine. There are a bunch of other DF games in the sale but this one’s a biggie. DRM Free included.…ner=eeease

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