Greenworks 40V Axial Blower (120 MPH / 450 CFM), 4Ah USB Battery (USB Hub) and Charger Included – $104

By | November 17, 2020 1:33 pm EST

Power Source Type: Battery Powered
Finish your project with up to 24 minutes of runtime on high with a fully charged 4Ah battery. USB port in battery charges all portable electronic devices, including phones and tablets
Variable speed trigger along with a turbo button delivers on-demand power for effortless clearing of yard, driveway, and patio
Cruise control for precise speed control and user convenience. Soft, over-molded grip for more user comfort and less fatigue.
Difference between Axial Blower & Jet Blower: (From Amazon Customer Service)
The difference is that one is an axial blower, model 2400802.
This design allows a huge amount of air to be pulled into and pushed out of the unit in a very short period of time. Whilst it has a comparatively low air speed (110MPH), this unit is designed to function only as a blower. When blowing leaves air speed is unimportant as 30mph will move a leaf as easily as 300mph. The important figure is CFM (cubic feet/minute) as the greater volume of air that can be moved the easier it will be to move large amounts of leaves.
The 40v blower model 24322 is a blower/vac. Blower/vacs can be used as both blowers and vacuum/mulchers depending on which attachments are connected. The impeller uses centrifugal force to force the air through a tight space creating a large pressure change. This results in a superior air speed (in this case 185mph). Whilst these units are disadvantaged when compared to axial blowers in terms of CFM they have the advantage of providing the vacuum option. The greater air speed allows a greater suction force to be applied to leaves that are being vacuumed. This results in an extremely effective secondary function as vac/mulcher.
I hope this has answered your question and help with determining which unit will better suit your needs.
(Thanks jakesyma)
Appears like best price ever in Amazon. But it would be delivered after Christmas!…UTF8&psc=1

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