Target Bubly Price Mistake 16 x 8pack/12fl for $25 – App Coupon application error?

By | November 19, 2020 10:48 pm EST

Add the $10 off $50 groceries coupon target circle coupon to your cart.
Add 6 sets of 4×8 Packs to your cart via the target app.
Trigger the $10 off $50.
Remove 2x 4×8 packs of Bubly
Checkout with 16×8 packs of Bubly
Pay $25 at checkout.
Minor win ~$6 savings, but maybe there is some other fun combination,…-15-nov-21…-15-nov-21…-15-nov-21…-15-nov-21…-15-nov-21…-15-nov-21
Quote from Suuupa77
I purchased 14x 8pk bubbly this past Sunday after $10 grocery coupon, total was only $20.56

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