MartyCube by GSG design “Roundover Series” Single Flat Pack for 18-Inch Subwoofers($349 + Free Shipping)

By | December 29, 2020 11:28 pm EST

18-Inch MartyCube by GSG(TM) "Roundover Series" Flat Pack Single($349 + Free Shipping) for DIY 18 inch subwoofer builds(using drivers like the Dayton Audio UM-18s). Regular price is $449.
Shipping is not usually free and costs above $100 average
Line-up:MartySub by GSG(TM) "Roundover Series" Flat Pack
Design:GSG fully-interlocking brace design (patent pending)
Removable front baffle, recessed driver, and
accommodation for both terminal cup and Speakon
Bass-reflex (aka front-ported)
Finish:Unfinished MDF panels
Hardware:Not included – see shopping list
Output:>115dB @ 22hz (full reference movie output, LFE channel)
Rec. Driver:18" long throw, high output
Rec. Power:1,100 watts+ depending on amp/driver combination
Dimensions:24.0" wide, 23.5" deep, 28.0" tall
(61.0cm x 60.0cm x 71.5cm) assembled
Weight:Approx. 95 lbs. each flat pack; total shipping weight including packing and pallet approximately 130 lbs.
Warranty:1 Year limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Please inspect your cabinet carefully prior to assembly as no returns can be accepted once assembly (glue up) has begun. Customer is responsible for return shipping and restocking fee.
Protective High PassHigh Pass Filter:
12dB / octave Butterworth @19-20 Hz
(see FAQ for details)…ingle-unit

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