Sowden Coffee Pot (soft brew) $38

By | December 31, 2020 12:17 am EST

for those who don’t know, this is similar to french press and the reviews are generally good:

  • Optimized for brewing any coffee ground size.
  • Infuses coffee through a micro-thin filter for enhanced flavor.
  • Stainless steel container.


  • Height (in): 6.3
  • Width (in): 7.87
  • Depth (in): 4.92

the main differences between this and a french press are the ability to remove the grounds to avoid over-extraction and in some cases retaining the heat better in a porcelain vessel.
the medium pot (available in brown and mint) msrp is $95 and is on clearance for $38. it’s not worth msrp and sure some folks are buying for the design aesthetic. the small is also on clearance for $63.75, but that’s not as good a deal.…lang=en_US
two concerns i have are how easy it is to remove the grounds (which is the same issue for french press) and volume isn’t specified (only the dimensions are given).
edit: volume is .8L or 27oz. according to…lang=en_US

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