2-Year NordVPN Subscription $40 (after $49 in Slickdeals Cashback, PC required)

By | February 16, 2021 6:03 pm EST

NordVPN has 2-Year NordVPN Subscription for $89. Before Purchase, see instructions below on how to earn $49 in Cashback.
This offer stacks with their current birthday offer.
To earn $49 in Cashback, BEFORE purchase:
Using PC or Laptop Only:

  1. Log into your . If you do not have a Slickdeals account, registration is fast and easy ().
  2. If you don’t already have it, (Click Join Now or Install Now). More info on Rewards Beta .
  3. Login to the extension by clicking on the profile tab. If you’re already logged into slickdeals when you install the extension, this might already be done for you.
  4. The slickdeals extension button should be viewable or pinned to url bar. If you click the SD logo, you will see an announcement inviting you to join the Slickdeals Rewards Beta Program (might depend on browser)
  5. Click "Join Now"
    1. You’ve joined Slickdeals Rewards! IMPORTANT: To receive the NordVPN Promotional Cashback Offer, disable adblockers and other cashback and coupon shopping extensions as they can override and take credit for the purchase if they’re active. If you don’t disable other cashback/ coupon shopping extensions, you may not get credit for this offer from Slickdeals. You can find your extensions under "Manage Extensions" in your browser.
  6. Next simply click here to visit NordVPN and you should see a prompt at upper right of page for Up to $49 cashback. Click "Activate Cashback"
  7. Proceed to checkout (see wiki for how to monitor your cashback)
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