Carlyle Pipe Wrench 263.5 mm/ 10.37 in Adjustable ($22.99 w/ Free Ship)

By | April 6, 2021 1:03 pm EST

I ended up picking up one of these with Free Shipping as a "spare" for my travel tool bag or car, but it’s a similar design to the 250mm Knipex version, which I also own – and is considerably more expensive in this size. Also, if you’re interested, someone in a forum mentioned this appears to be made by Fujiya (of Japan) . I had to search Fujiya’s website, but after looking at their very similar-designed pliers, I agree, they do appear to be made by Fujiya. Also, the COO is NOT provided on NAPA’s website, so that tells me it’s unlikely Made in USA or Japan… and Fujiya’s website mentions manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. I’m guessing these are made in Vietnam, but I’m not sure.
Features & Benefits

  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • This Pliers wrench is idea for plumbing and automotive. The parallel jaw can prevent to damage the nut and the quick adjust features makes it easy to apply force by two handles.
  • Whole piece Hot Forged
  • Slim head design ideal for limit space
  • Scale marking on the front head for easy measurement
  • 17 adjustment settings increase useful range of nut sizes
  • In-slot lower jaw provides safer and steadier working experience.
  • Parallel smooth jaws prevent damages to the soft or fine-finish fasteners.

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