Costco: MSI GE75 Raider Laptop, 17.3″ 1080p 144hz 3ms 100% sRGB, i7-10750h, 115W RTX 2060, 512GB NVMe + 1GB HDD, 16GB, Outrider Bundle…. $1160 shipped

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Sign of the times. This was $50 cheaper back In Feb (though that was without Outrider). But with most new generation laptops MIA and deals drying up, this is still a good deal.
Unlike most 10th Gen Intel laptops, MSI allows undervolting. I bought one and did the UV and OC and will try to answer any questions you have. UV makes a big difference on the CPU (runs faster at 45W than it did at 55W stock), and you can run it maxed out at 4.3GHz on all cores indefinitely if you have some workloads that need it. I boosted GPU performance >10% as well, using Afterburner.…75.279412/
As always from Costco:
90 day free returns.
2 year warranty (4 if you use their card).
Specs here (this is the 008 model):…cification
Some things I like:
1) 17.3" 1080p display, 144Hz, >300nits, 3ms response, high contrast, 100% sRGB.
2) RTX 2060 is 115W, which means it’s ~15% faster than 80W 2060s and 1660 Ti, and faster than many 2070 and 3060 laptops that are throttled to a lower wattage.
3) MSI supports UV on Intel CPUs which makes them much more competitive vs Ryzen. With the UV it’s faster than a 4600H in Cinebench.
4) It has great speakers for a laptop
5) You can install two NVMe drives as well as a 2.5" drive.
6) Costco warranty and return policy!

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