Children Of Morta (Nintendo Switch Digital) $10.99 @ Nintendo eShop

By | April 8, 2021 11:05 am EST

Nintendo eShop
Matches the lowest price ever for this title.

About this game:

  • Up to 2 Players
  • Genre: Action Role-Playing (Dungeon Crawler)
    • Rogue-lite with a strong storyline
    • 7 playable characters
    • Local co-op – play as two Bergsons together against the Corruption! Additional controller required. (Online co-op to be added in the future)
    • Emotional tale focused on a family of heroes
    • A diverse set of skills
    • Passive and active items modifying each run
    • Multiple dungeons set in different biomes
    • A rich world full of history and magic
    • Family Trials – a mode separate from the Main Story campaign, offering new systems, items, objectives, character builds, and more – all set in a series of completely randomized dungeons.
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