5 eBooks to read this week (Dogs, Zombies, Thriller, Cooking, Egypt)

By | May 19, 2021 1:42 pm EST

Here’s a list of ebooks to read this week. It’s a good mix of titles and I hope you find something in here that you love. I know that free ebooks are the best but 99-cent books are a great deal too. I hope that’s ok
PS: one of the links was broken, I think I fixed it.
1) Dogs Get Ten Lives: One Dog’s Journey of Self Discovery
So this one is different and not for everybody. Without giving too much away: The book is told from a dog’s perspective. I enjoyed the book for its creativity. Hey, if George Orwell can have talking animals (Animal Farm) and CS Lewis can have talking animals (Narnia) then why not tell a story from a dog’s perspective. Try it, you might like it. Warning: some readers said it made them cry. Not me, but keep a tissue handly lol.
2) Burn The Dead: Quarantine (Book One In The Zombie Saga)
This one is for teens and tweens. My son found this one awhile ago and recommended it to me. It definitely skews toward a younger audience but it’s so easy to read I finished it in one go. Might not be your cup of tea but I’m sure your kids or grandkids will enjoy this.
3) The Venice Code (A James Acton Thriller, Book #8) (James Acton Thrillers)
My wife is hooked on thrillers and found this one awhile ago. I finally gave it a try and was very happy with it. I won’t give away the plot but if you’re into action books this one is a must read. This one isn’t free it’s 99 cents – but a darn good deal! Cheaper than a movie and popcorn I’ll tell ya that.
Not just another cookbook – this one has a good mix of easy recipes, tasty meals, and some great photos. I’m always looking for new meals, but recipe websites can be bloated with long stories, too many ads, and pop-ups. Ebooks solve all those problems. Download the book, skim to pictures that look good and away you go. Best part: the ebook is free so if you don’t find something you like just delete and move on to the next. Note: this book has some filler text, just skip over the intro and browse the recipes.
5) Last Train to Cairo: Touring Egypt in the 21st Century
Is Egypt on your bucket list? Check out this ebook. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited or 99 cents for the rest of us lol. The author and his wife spent a month in Egypt hitting all the tourist spots and getting lost along the way. If you ever want to visit Egypt read this book. You’ll learn some of the best things to see and do while also reading about the troubles you might find along the way. PS: the book takes place a few years ago before Covid but after the revolution and things in Egypt change all the time. Even so, this is a must read for anyone interested in travel to Egypt.

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