Roku bundle – Ultra & Streaming Stick+ for $99.99

By | May 23, 2021 4:17 pm EST

Want/need a new Roku Ultra? Why not get a Streaming Stick+ with it for practically free! (Basing that statement on standard MSRP. Also, I generally round prices to the nearest $5 increment when talking about things like this.)
Costco now has a $100 bundle with both a Roku Ultra (2020 model with Netflix/Hulu/Disney+/Sling/ and 1 & 2 customizable buttons) AND a Streaming Stick+. Regular MSRP of the Ultra is $100, I know it’s on sale some places for around $67-70 at present. Streaming Stick+ MSRP is $50. Getting both for $100 isn’t a steal, but it is a good deal.…79307.html

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