FREE M18 1/2″ Impact Wrench and XL Packout with Socket Purchase $600

By | May 29, 2021 7:40 pm EST

So this is kind of a crazy deal but Ohio Power Tools is giving away an XL Packout for free with $300 worth of shockwave bits and Milwaukee is giving away the 2855p-22 kit when you buy $500 worth of shockwave sockets.…-Promotion
So my cart has (4) of these:…-7009.aspx
And 1 of these:…-7008.aspx
Also they are taking off 10% so my total is $600 with tax and shipping and I will get:
(4) 43 piece socket sets
(1) 14 piece socket set
XL Packout
2855p-22 (1/2? Impact wrench Kit)
If you need something like this, seems like a great deal and you can sell/gift the extra sets or mix and match any of the other socket sets. You have to go and fill out the e-rebate info at in order to get the 2855p-22 sent to you and it will take a little time.…-7009.aspx

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