Costco Members: Novaform 12″ Serafina Split King Memory Foam Mattress with Adjustable Base $1399

By | May 29, 2021 10:08 pm EST

Novaform 12" Serafina Split King Memory Foam Mattress with Adjustable Base
Been looking for an adjustible king mattress/bed and saw this recent price drop at costco.
$600 manufacturer’s savings is valid 5/10/21 through 6/4/21. You could sweeten the deal, if you have a $50 of $500 coupon.
3" Top Layer of LURAcorâ„¢ Foam Which Pushes Up to Align the Back
2" Middle Layer of Memory Foam for Gentle Cushioning and Airflow for Comfort
3.5" Base Layer for Deep Support and Stability
3.5" Contoured Base Layer Designed to Adjust as the Frame Moves
Premium quality foam means your best sleep ever. With 4 layers, the Novaform 12-inch Serafina Adjustable Memory Foam Mattress is made to fit you. It adapts to your body’s contours while relieving pressure points. A 3-inch top layer of LURAcorâ„¢ Foam gently pushes up to align the back while a 2-inch middle layer of memory foam cushions and allows airflow for comfort. A 3.5-inch base layer offers deep support and unparalleled stability, and the 3.5-inch contoured, bottom layer is specially designed to conform to the frame as it moves.…68085.html

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