Smartest House Smart Home Labor Day Sale $17.75 and up, Dome Zwave Water Shut-off $57.95

By | August 31, 2021 7:49 am EST

Multiple smart home items on sale from the smartest house…-sale-2021
Sale Items include:
Zooz z-wave remote switch (battery powered): $17.75…ry-powered
-Various Zooz smart switches/dimmers starting at $22.45
-Zooz Scene Controller Switch: $24.95…itch-zen32
-Dome Z-wave Water Main Shut-off: $57.95…ller-dmwv1
-Zooz Z-wave Plus Power Switch for Heavy duty appliances such as fans, AC units, microwaves, or gas clothes dryers: $22.95…nces-zen15
Incidentally, they have a new water valve shut off that is supposed to be a significant upgrade vs the Dome units–this is not part of the above sale but is available with beta software at the discounted price of $129.95:…ator-zac36

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