BinaxNOW COVID?19 Antigen Self Test (2 Count) – – $14

By | September 11, 2021 8:45 am EST

As expected, these dropped in price at Walmart. They were $24 for this 2 pack and now they’re $14. This is the test they give at most walk in rapid antigen clinics. The 2 pack is technically meant to be given in a series so you test twice on consecutive days. These so not qualify for travel purposes. it’s a good test if there are symptoms. It becomes less accurate for asymptomatic, which is why they suggest taking it as a series. anyway, there’s a thread about these at Sam’s Club, where it’s the same price so you can scroll through there before making a decision to buy these. I have used these and they matched PCR results for me every time. I keep extras at my house and when friends tell me they have a "summer cold" I make them test before we get together… and yes, a friend tested positive that way.

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