Energizer 1000 Lumen Hybrid LED Headlamp Water Resistant Rechargeable $15.59

By | November 18, 2021 11:28 am EST

Rechargeable, detachable light, appears to come with 2 CR123a batteries for backup. Can run on either 123′s or 18650′s. Says it comes with both and USB charger.
3 C’s says its about half normal price with 5$ off coupon on product page
As with any LED light you buy anywhere, no its not really 1000 lumens and no lumens isn’t proper way to compare the perceived brightness of your flashlight.
Reason’s to like it? Rechargeable with replaceable batteries. If you’re like me and need it for a long time or forget to replace the battery you can swap in a charged 18650 or some CR123′s when you need it.
its not a no name brand. No its not Olight or Nitecore but its far cheaper. I grade it a step above the cheaper BurstintoFire brands and brighter than the $6 deal posted using AAA batteries.

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