Grip-On Long-Jaw Locking Pliers (Set of 2) $30.50 w/ Free UPS Ship

By | November 19, 2021 5:17 pm EST

Great deal on great Grip On pliers. Just the smaller plier can easily sell for $25, so both for less than $31 including shipping is a great deal. I never heard of this company, previously, but ordered this set and have already received my order via UPS.
I ordered this as well (also made by Grip On and on sale):…em=24F0121
Here’s another great deal as well (2 for $26.50)…em=24F0105
Special offer. Limited stock.
While quantities last, we’re offering this set of long-jaw pliers at a 30% discount compared to the cost of buying them individually.
These aren’t your typical locking pliers.
Made in Spain by a company that has specialized in locking pliers for over 35 years, they have a particularly well-designed release mechanism – just a light one-finger squeeze on the lever unlocks the mechanism gently, so the jaws don’t spring open abruptly. They’re also built to last, with a rugged all-steel construction and a tough epoxy coating to resist wear and corrosion.
Aside from their obvious use as pliers, they can also serve as a hand vise to grip items firmly without your fingers getting in the way. Their work-holding function can be enhanced with the addition of a job-site holder, available separately, which essentially converts the pliers into a temporary vise you can use almost anywhere.
Excellent tools that are sure to become workshop favorites.
This set includes long-jaw pliers in 6" and 10" lengths so you can you choose the size that’s best suited for the job at hand.…em=24F0114

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