Costco Members: NETGEAR Nighthawk CM1100 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem + Free Shipping + All other networking deals for 1G network $109.99

By | November 22, 2021 1:16 am EST

Costco has CM1100 For sale at 109.99. This has two ethernet ports at 1G speed. On xfinity you can only use one at at time.
But technically you cant use more than 1 port which is limited by ISP. But CM1100 supports link aggregation which means you can hook up two ports in a supported router and get 2*1Ghz port
Here are the rest of deals with analysis
CM1000: 1Ghz with single ethernet port (Best Price: 119 on newegg with SPECIALWH promo code. Amazon: 139)
CM1100: 1Ghz with two ethernet port: (Best Price: 109.99 costco, Amazon: 129.0)
CM1200: 1Ghz with four ethernet ports (Best price: 129.99 Newegg with SPECIALWH promo code. Amazon: 149)
CM2000: 2.6Ghz single ethernet port modem (Best price : 179.99 on newegg with SPEICALWH code. amazon: 199)
CAX30 – 1GHz modem with AX2700 wifi inbuilt router (Best price: 199 costco)
CAX80 – 2.5Ghz modem with AX5300 wifi inbuilt (best price 409: newegg, amazon 429)
RAX45: 4.3GBPS wifi router but only supports 1Ghz link between router and modem
Archer11000: TPlink ax11000: (Best Price: 249.99 on costco)
Arris S33: 2.5Ghz ethernet port modem. Expired deal of 149.99 on amazon and bestbuy. But will show up again for BF
Motorola SB8611: 2.5Ghz port. 170 on amazon, 159 on newegg with SPECIALWH code
YMMV: xfinity 900MBPS – $40/month. 600MBPS – $30/month, 1.2GBPS: $70/month
I am going with xfinity 900mbps + CM1100 + RAX45
These are the only combinations that work without any bottleneck. Rest all are future proofing only and doesnt give you any benefit
Best price: xfinity 900MBPS+CAX30 –> Best price but lot of complaints on disconnects with this model ($199.99+$40/month)
Best compromise: xfinity 900MBPS+CM1100+RAX45 –> ($249+$40/month). Future protection with link aggregation
Best BW: xfinity 1.2GBPS+CM2000 or arris S33 or MB8611+AX11000 –> ($400+$70/month)
Buying a 2.5GBPS modem without a router is of no use. So dont spend money on CM2000 or CAX80 or S33 or MB8611 if you dont have a router capable of handling it.

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