Soylent Cafe Mocha 12pk, 14oz (full-size) via Amazon 44% off $22.6

By | November 24, 2021 4:51 pm EST

Seems that only the Cafe Mocha flavor is deeply discounted.
Other notes:

  • "Best by" date: Some folks have complained about Soylent shipped from Amazon sometimes being close to its listed "Best by" date. On this topic, Soylent notes: The "Best By" date listed on your Soylent is not an expiration date but rather the date where we have data for best taste and texture quality. Consuming our product after the "Best By" date should not pose a food safety concern.
  • Caffeine: This product has 150mg. That’s about the same as a doubleshot of espresso, or a large cup of coffee. You can learn more about the nutrition / ingredients on Soylent’s product page .
  • Stale humor: "Soylent is people ha ha ha ha!" "Soy boys!" There. I made the dumb overused jokes up front to save you the time. You’re welcome!
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